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Commercial Cat Enclosures & Condos for Sale

At The Cat’s Inn, we believe every cat deserves safe, healthy, and comfortable housing no matter where they are. That’s why we provide a variety of customizable cat townhouses, condos, and towers for animal operations of all kind.

If you’re looking for durable, convenient, and attractive housing to keep the cats at your business happy, you’ll find everything you need with a cat enclosure from The Cat’s Inn.

Our commercial cat townhouses and stackable towers are ideal for animal shelters, grooming salons, boarding facilities, pet stores, veterinary clinics and more.

The enclosures we offer are safe, healthy alternatives to traditional animal cages that are capable of handling all of your feline needs. Every one of our high-quality units is handmade with a wood and melamine, medex, or hardwood exterior, and comes equipped with our patented ventilation system to help minimize odors and airborne illness. The odor-proof melamine construction we use is also easy to clean and scratch resistant, so you can keep your enclosures in good shape for years to come.

Commercial cat shelters from The Cat’s Inn are available in a wide range of colors and materials, so they will fit in seamlessly with the design of any business. Many of our condos and towers can also safely accommodate multiple cats, allowing you to more efficiently use your supplies and space.

Commercial cat enclosures from The Cat’s Inn are designed to keep cats happy and healthy.

Our luxury cat townhouses, condos, and towers are outfitted with the amenities you need to keep your cats comfortable and content. They offer a secluded area for litter boxes, as well as plenty of space for toys, food, and extra supplies. You can also choose to include full glass back panels to give your cats a clearer view of their surroundings, as well as pass-through doors that allow free movement between units arranged side-by-side.

Available in 70 different colors, several durable building materials, and with a five-year warranty on all components, you can’t go wrong with the feline shelter solutions from The Cat’s Inn. Our commercial cat townhouses will keep cats at any boarding facility, clinic, shelter, or other business happy and healthy for as long as they’re with you.

View our customization options online or give us a call at 877-228-7466 to discuss your commercial cat shelter needs!