Commercial Cat Shelter Units & Towers for Sale

The needs of a cat-related business are unique. Shelters, clinics, breeders, groomers, and similar operations require safe, durable housing structures to accommodate all their feline residents.

Functional cat housing for these businesses should be adapted to a commercial setting without sacrificing the health or comfort of any cat. The townhouses we craft at The Cat’s Inn are designed exactly to meet these criteria.

Commercial Cat Townhouses with Customizable Design

Our classic townhouse model stands 7-foot-7-inches in height, offering cats six spacious levels to explore from top to bottom. Each townhouse unit can sufficiently accommodate up to three cats from one family and features a secluded litter box area at the bottom.

Constructed with thermally fused, commercial-grade melamine interiors, all our shelters are scratch-resistant, moisture proof and easy to clean. Our commercial cat houses are available in a wide range of colors and several different exterior designs—your choice of oak, cherry, or maple hardwood, melamine/wood or medex fronts.

The Cat’s Inn has a variety of townhouse models available to choose from based on the individual needs of your business.

Our cat townhouses are available in different sizes, styles, and setups (such as our stackable units) to accommodate your needs. We also offer specially designed commercial cat shelter towers, constructed specifically with animal shelters in mind.

Our townhouse features our patented ventilation system to help reduce odors and keep cats healthy.

To learn more about our townhouse models and their customization options, read through our website for further details or contact The Cat’s Inn directly.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you determine which commercial cat townhouse, condo, or tower is right for your business!