Cat Cages vs. Cat Townhouses

It’s no secret that we want only the best when providing for our feline friends. They’re not just pets; they’re family, so their comfort, health, and happiness are important to us. Creating a living space that meets their needs is essential, providing them with a safe and secure environment to engage in their natural behaviors…. Read more »

How to Increase Feline Visits to Your Veterinary Clinic

About 45.3 million U.S households own a cat, yet 39% of cat owners say they would only take their cat to the veterinarian if it were sick. People aren’t taking their feline friends in for regular examinations, which is a huge problem for your furry companion’s overall health and safety. The most common reasons cat owners give as to… Read more »

A Guide to Cat Oral Health

When it comes to your cat, their oral health is a huge indicator of how their overall health and wellness is progressing. Damage to your cat’s tongue, teeth, palate, and gums can lead to many health risks. If you notice color changes in your pet’s mouth, that can indicate dental and other medical issues. Dental… Read more »

How to Choose the Perfect Shelter Cat

Deciding to bring a new furry friend into your life is an exciting and special time. A house truly doesn’t feel like home without a pet’s loving and comforting presence.  When searching for your dream feline companion, it’s important to check with your local animal shelter first. Adopting shelter animals has so many benefits, not only… Read more »

3 Signs Your Cat Needs a Feline Companion

If you already have one cat and love having them around, you might consider adding a second cat to your home, but this may not be the best idea in some cases. For example, mature cats that have spent their lives as the only cat in a house won’t always respond well to new cats… Read more »