Commercial Stackable Cat Kennel Units & Condo Cages

At The Cat’s Inn, we understand that commercial cat care and boarding facilities need to make the most of their space while providing a healthy and enjoyable environment for cats. Our stackable cat townhouses offer the perfect solution.

Our stackable kennel units’ flexible, compact design is well-suited to locations with limited space. Every structure has premium features that afford your cats the same luxury benefits as one of our standard townhouse models.

Stackable Cat Townhouses for Veterinary Clinics, Animal Shelters & Cat Boarding Facilities

At 45.5 inches tall, the stackable cat kennel cages from The Cat’s Inn are designed to house a single cat in each unit. Here’s what each individual condo includes:

  • Four levels for a cat to relax and play on
  • Elevated lookout to enjoy from the top floor
  • Secluded bottom area for private lounging and litter box use
  • 14-square feet of comfortable living space

When stacked, these compact units take up the same amount of vertical space as our full-sized cat townhouses.

The Cat’s Inn’s stackable cat condos have the same first-class, customizable living features that our other commercial cat enclosures are known for.

They’re constructed with the same patented ventilation system and melamine interior lining as our six-level townhouses. These features keep units filled with fresh, healthy, circulating air and make them odor-resistant and easy to clean. You may also customize your stackable cages with other personalized features such as pass-thru doors and glass backs.

If you’re looking for compact, high-quality cat housing, the stackable cat kennel unit from The Cat’s Inn is exactly what you need. Contact us today to learn more about this model and our other commercial cat accommodations!





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