Commercial Wood Cat Cages & Towers for Sale

Here at The Cat’s Inn, we cater our designs to the needs of cat business owners and the cats they’re housing. That’s why we make our commercial cat townhouses available with a versatile medex or melamine/wood fronts and top-quality features that help cats thrive.

Attractive Commercial Cat Housing for Boarding Facilities

Our towers can be adapted to suit a wide range of businesses. This includes shelters, clinics, salons, kennels, and more. Each unit offers 28 square feet of living space across six levels for cats to play, window watch, nap, and relax. Conveniently placed steps between levels make every area easily accessible, and a secluded bottom level offers additional privacy.

All commercial cat enclosures from The Cat’s Inn are built with a first-class ventilation system to facilitate a free flow of fresh air and eliminate airborne bacteria and odors. Towers also have a melamine interior, preventing odor and moisture absorption and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Customizable Wood Cat Cages

Our medex commercial cat tower has the distinct advantage of being available in 40 colors. Customize your cat enclosures to match any room or area in your facility.

The medex trim cat townhouse can be further customized with our premium features, including:

  • All-glass back panels to give cats more visual access
  • Tinted glass to minimize excess light in a sunny room
  • Pass-through doors to give cats access to adjoining units
  • Cute, comfortable accessories such as our four-post cat beds, mattresses, and pillows

When it comes to comfort, convenience, and safety, there is no better option than a commercial cat tower from The Cat’s Inn. Call us at 877-228-7466, or reach out online to get started with a quote!

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