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The Cat’s Inn offers a full selection of convenient, safe and comfortable cat townhouses and condos for veterinary clinics, cat groomers and breeders, pet-friendly hotels, boarding facilities and much more. Each townhouse offers plenty of space for your four-legged feline friends to relax while providing patented ventilation to keep odors and airborne diseases at bay.

Built with melamine interiors, each townhouse is easy to clean and resists moisture and odor absorption, making them ideal for use and reuse for short-term housing. Available in a range of colors and styles, there are options to suit any business’ needs. The Cat’s Inn also offers convenient accessories like the four-post cat bed and cat pillows to make sure that your feline guests are cozy and comfortable during their stay.

With shipping available to locations throughout the world, these easy-to-build townhouses require only a simple screwdriver to complete and can provide a more secure and protected space for any cats during their stay away from home.

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