4 Steps for Cleaning a Cat Kennel

Would you rather live in a dirty, grimy house or a space that looks and feels fresh, clean, and healthy? We’re guessing it’s the latter. Well, the same goes for your cat!

If you run a veterinary clinic, animal shelter, or other cat boarding facility, you should know that a clean, hygienic kennel is essential for keeping your cats healthy and happy. The next time you put on your gloves and grab your washcloth for a deep cleaning, follow these four easy steps for a spotless cat kennel!

1) Start by removing all dirt and solid waste from the kennel.

After you’ve emptied the kennel of all cats and care supplies, give it a thorough scrubbing with just soap (or general cleaner) and water. Cover every surface, nook, and cranny to eliminate cat hair, fecal matter, food, saliva, and other dried debris. Rinse with hot water.

2) After the initial scrubbing, clean with disinfectant.

Once the kennel has been cleaned of loose dirt, debris, and other organic matter, you must apply disinfectant to remove any bacteria and potentially hazardous pathogens that might remain. With a spray or a scrubbing brush, sanitize all kennel surfaces. Don’t forget to dilute your disinfectant according to the instructions first, to keep animals safe and prevent corrosion of kennel materials. After application, rinse immediately to prevent harm to the surface of the kennel.

3) Wash all items from the kennel.

Use soap and water or detergent to clean the supplies you set aside that are normally in the kennel with your cats. This includes litter boxes, food and water dishes, bedding, toys, etc.

4) Make sure the kennel has been dried thoroughly, then put everything back in place.

Remove any leftover moisture from the kennel using a towel or a fan/extra ventilation if necessary. Once completely dried, replace the clean toys, bedding, dishes, and litter box. Fill food and water dishes and litter boxes with fresh supplies.

The commercial cat townhouses from The Cat’s Inn are designed and built with easy-to-clean melamine interiors and a patented ventilation system that ensures the continuous movement of fresh air in between cleanings. We guarantee you won’t find a higher quality, more reliable structure to keep your cats happy and healthy.

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