Add Secure and Protected Space to Your Shelter

Sometimes, adding safe and secure space to board cats to a shelter or finding a place house them while they stay with your veterinary practice can be difficult, especially if you’re working in an already confined area with not a lot of room to build new cages or rooms. Fortunately, our townhouses are a unique and space-effective option to give your felines a space with all the amenities they need while taking up a small footprint in your facility.

Shelter towers

The Cat’s Inn’s animal shelter line offers space for up to three cats to stay in one compact unit. Each cabinet has two levels of space for cats to play and relax, as well as a private space for litter. There are two models: one with two cat areas and a storage compartment and the other with three spaces for cats. The towers also feature air vents at the top and bottom of each door, providing plenty of ventilation for fresh air to enter and blow out stale or disease-bearing air. Each unit is made of commercial-grade melamine, and finished with medex to protect against moisture. Taking up only 2 feet by 3 feet of space, and built to be mobile on locking caster wheels, these towers can be customized in 64 different colors.

Shareable units

We also offer 7-foot-7 townhouses in hardwood, medex, or melamine and wood finishes. These townhouses can accommodate three cats in the expansive single unit, which offers six levels of cat living, playing and lounging space. These units are perfect for a family of cats to share, and include our patented ventilation system to keep odors and airborne diseases from becoming an issue, even when units are placed side by side. With plenty of room to explore and a private hideaway spot to get away from view, these townhouses are a great option for small family groups.

Stackable TownhousesStackable options

The last option for cats is our stackable townhouses, which each offer an abundance of space for a single cat in half the height of the tower townhouses. Each stackable unit has 14 square feet of space on four levels for cats to relax and explore. Just as with the other units, each stackable townhouse features ventilation ducts to keep fresh air circulating even when placed side by side.

Every unit also includes a four-post bed for cats to relax on, with fully washable mattresses. Each bed can be built in oak, cherry or maple, giving you a range of options to choose from.

For more information on The Cat’s Inn townhouses for your animal shelter, veterinary office or any other location, give us a call today at 877-228-7466 or email us at [email protected].