Cat Cages vs. Cat Townhouses

It’s no secret that we want only the best when providing for our feline friends. They’re not just pets; they’re family, so their comfort, health, and happiness are important to us. Creating a living space that meets their needs is essential, providing them with a safe and secure environment to engage in their natural behaviors. Various factors, including size, layout, materials, and ease of cleaning, contribute to a feline-friendly living space.

Cat Cages at a Glance

For a long time, the standard for housing cats—particularly in commercial or shelter settings—has been the traditional cat cage. These simple enclosures are popular for their low cost and small size. However, any cat lover can attest that our beloved felines are anything but simple creatures!

While these cages may offer a place for cats to rest, they lack the multi-tiered layout and privacy options that cats inherently crave. They also lack proper ventilation, leading to undesirable odors and potential health risks for our animals. The simplicity of their design fails to consider the unique behaviors and needs of cats. Cats aren’t just creatures of comfort; they’re curious, agile and value their privacy.

Investing in Cat Townhouses

At The Cat’s Inn, we offer innovative cat townhouses that outperform the standard cat cages you see in commercial pet stores. These townhouses are not just regular enclosures but thoughtfully designed dwellings that consider the three-dimensional space cats enjoy exploring. Every aspect has been carefully considered to promote the best possible well-being for felines. They provide numerous features that improve a cat’s lifestyle, keeping them active, engaged, and happy. These features include:

Multi-Level Exploration: Cats innately love to climb and explore. Our townhouses are structured with multiple levels, allowing cats to get that crucial exercise and stimulation.

Private Litter Box Area: No one likes to do their business in the open, cats included. Each townhouse has a private litter box area, so cats feel unbothered and secure.

High-level Perches: Cats enjoy being high up, and our townhouses provide these much-loved vantage points.

Patented Air System: Forget about litter box odors. Our townhouses have a patented air system that eliminates odors and prevents airborne diseases from spreading.

Commercial-Grade Melamine: Easy cleaning is key in a cat’s living quarters. That’s why our townhouses are built with commercial-grade melamine that doesn’t absorb liquids or odors. All our shelters are scratch-resistant, moisture-proof, and easy to clean.

Enclosed Safe Spaces: Every townhouse has an enclosed area where your cat can retreat to and feel safe.

Optional Glass Backs: For cats who enjoy a good view, we offer optional glass backs that can be aligned with windows for a real-world vista.

Pass-Through Doors: These allow cats to move freely from one townhouse to another, giving them even more space to explore.

Private Storage Area: Our townhouses offer a private storage area for all of your cat’s necessities.

Cat Townhouse Options

At The Cat’s Inn, we have a variety of townhouse models available to choose from based on the individual needs of you or your business. Our cat townhouses are available in different sizes, styles, and setups, such as our stackable units to accommodate any environment. We also offer specially designed commercial cat shelter towers, constructed specifically with animal shelters in mind! Our commercial cat houses are available in various colors and exterior designs—your choice of oak, cherry, or maple hardwood, melamine/wood or Medex fronts.

As cat lovers, we’re passionate about providing the best for your furry friends. Our townhouses offer unparalleled comfort and luxury that traditional cat cages simply cannot match!

To learn more about our townhouse models and their customization options, browse our website and contact us at (877)228-7466 with any questions regarding our unique cat housing options.