How to Make Sure your Indoor Cat Gets Enough Exercise

When cats are allowed to roam freely outside, it’s easy for them to get plenty of exercise. Outdoor cats can spend their days running, climbing and getting all the activity they need to stay at a healthy weight. If you have an indoor cat, however, it can be a little bit more difficult to make sure they get enough exercise. Let’s take a look at a few ways to ensure your cat gets enough exercise inside your home.

Provide your cat with plenty of toys.

Many cats tend to keep to themselves, but they can still be very playful—especially when they have the right toys. You don’t need to break the bank to keep a cat entertained. Something as simple as a ball of yarn or a couple of ping-pong balls will usually do the trick. A little extra playtime can go a long way.

Set up a cat tower.

Most cats really enjoy playing on cat towers. They can climb up and down them, scratch them and jump from one level to the next. They can even take a nap on their tower once they’re done playing. You can encourage your cat to use their tower by hiding treats on different platforms and sprinkling a little cat nip around the base.

Spend time with your cat.

If your cat refuses to exercise on her own, she might be more interested in playing with you! Interactive toys like wands and teasers tend to be more stimulating than toys your cat can only play with by herself. Not only will this help your cat get more exercise, it will provide the two of you with some bonding time as well!

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