Tips for Reducing Litter Box Odors

Every cat owner knows the unpleasant odors that come from the litter box. The pungent smell can fill your home quickly, and worse – you may even be so used to it that you’ve gone smell blind and don’t even notice it until friends or family visit or you’ve been gone from home for a while. Fortunately, there are many ways you can reduce and minimize the foul wafts that come from your cat’s container. Here’s a look at a few leading tips on how to manage your litter box problems.

Frequent Cleaning

As your cat’s wastes sit in the litter box, they are allowed to continue emanating those unwanted odors and smells into your home. If you’re noticing the smell frequently, one solution is to clean more frequently. If you’re only scooping out the litter a few times a week, step it up to every other day or daily. Getting rid of the waste on a more regular basis is a surefire way to help get rid of the problem.

Pick an Open Location

Another solution that seems almost counterintuitive is to select an open location for your furry friend’s litter box. Cat boxes that are placed in confined or poorly ventilated areas can allow smells to linger and permeate the area of your home, making a minor smell become a major stink. Additional ventilation can help reduce odors overall and dissipate them over a larger area, and the more open spot for the box can make it easier for your cat to use, as well.

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can help remove fine particles and dust in your home, and are great for anyone who has allergy sensitivities. Purifiers that use HEPA filters in particular, or high-efficiency particulate air filters, can not only remove these air pollutants, but also pet dander and odors – if it includes a carbon filter. These filters attract and absorb odors in your home – whether from the cat’s bathroom, musty smells in basements or anything else – and are a great way to not only improve the smell of the air in your home, but its overall quality, as well.

Charcoal Filter

Just as a carbon filter is great at reducing odors in air filtration systems, charcoal filters can be great when used in the litter box itself. Charcoal filters – as another form of carbon – are fantastic at absorbing odors and bacteria inside a litter box. Lining these filters around a litter box door or any vent holes can allow the charcoal to absorb stench from the air escaping, providing more fresh-smelling air in your home. Test out a bit in your cat’s litter box and see for yourself the improvement!

Litter Deodorizer

Lastly, a litter deodorizer is an option that many people choose to keep smells at bay. Baking soda is a common do-it-yourself option, though specifically formulated deodorizers are also available that offer a bit more efficacy. These can be sprinkled into a litter box as needed to help knock down odors, and are an effective option to tackle extreme odors when needed. These deodorizers are often available in the same aisle where you buy your litter, so check them out or pick up a small box to test out the next time you’re shopping.

At The Cat’s Inn, we also take litter odors into account in the design of our cat townhouses. Each unit includes our patented ventilation system that can be connected to an inline fan that draws bacteria and odors away from the designated litter box area. Multiple boxes can even be connected to one another to vent all smells efficiently and effectively. For more information on our cat townhouses, contact us today!