3 Halloween Safety Tips for Cat Owners

Halloween is a fun holiday for us humans, but it can be a dangerous time for your pets. For cats especially, although they serve as inspiration for many costumes, décor, and holiday legends, all the spooky commotion going on can be stressful and create some hazards to their health.

If you’re a cat owner, it’s important that you take precautions to keep your cat happy and safe when All Hallows Eve comes around. Follow these tips below to ensure your kitty has a fun—and not frightful—Halloween!

1) Provide your cat with a safe space.

Trick-or-treaters and/or party guests coming and going can spook your cat. Before any Halloween festivities begin, create a quiet area for them to hangout and relax while you celebrate. This could be a confined room or just a part of the house away from the goings on. Make sure their safe space has everything they need to be comfortable, such as a litter box, food, water, toys, a bed, and places to hide or climb.

2) Be careful with cat costumes.

As adorable as you might think it is to dress up your cat as a little lion or bat, the experience will likely just be stressful for them. It’s better to skip the costume altogether, but if you really want to dress up your cat, keep their time in the costume to a minimum. Snap a quick photo and then let them retreat. Also, don’t dress them in anything that restricts their movement, breathing, or senses, or with pieces that can get caught on something or choke them.

3) Keep cats away from candy and decorations.

The parts of Halloween that we love the most are some of the most hazardous to your kitty. When you buy or collect your holiday candy, stash it somewhere your cat can’t get it. The chocolate and xylitol (a sugar substitute) in a lot of Halloween candy can be poisonous to animals. Keep decorations your cat might eat or play with, such as pumpkins, candles, and lights, out of reach too.

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