How to Introduce Young Children to Cats

Cats make great pets for families with kids. They’re quiet and easy to care for, and cat ownership can help teach kids empathy, compassion and responsibility. However, it’s important to introduce young children to cats the right way.

Lay Down Some Ground Rules

Before you bring the cat home, make sure the entire family understands the rules. For example:

  • School-age kids can help take care of your cat. If your kids are responsible for any aspects of cat care, such as feeding or cleaning the litter box, make sure they understand the specifics of their role.
  • Make sure kids understand that there are times when they should avoid petting or playing with the cat—while the cat is eating, sleeping or using the litter box, for example.

Teach Proper Petting

Teach kids the proper way to pet and scratch a cat. They should learn to pet the cat gently, avoiding sensitive spots like the feet and the belly. Tell them to avoid pulling the cat’s tail or ears, poking the cat, etc.

Don’t Leave Them Unsupervised

The best way to ensure that your kids and the cat are getting along is to keep them supervised. Until your child is old enough to appreciate the responsibility of caring for an animal, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on them when they’re spending time with the family pet.

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