3 Common Thanksgiving Foods That Are Toxic for Your Cat

The holidays are coming up and that means your home is about to be bustling with visitors and filling with the scents of sweet, savory, and delectable foods! Thanksgiving is all about being welcoming and generous, so it makes sense that you want to spread some of that hospitality to your furry friends.

While it’s okay to spoil your cat with some fun new toys or a cozy townhouse this holiday season, you don’t want to be so giving at the dinner table. Many of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes are harmful—or even deadly—to a household cat. Keep your kitty away from these holiday favorites to ensure you both have a safe and happy celebration!

1) Turkey

Turkey isn’t inherently toxic for cats, as it is used for flavoring in many pet foods. When it’s all dressed up for Thanksgiving though, it can have hazardous side effects on your feline’s health. Most of the seasonings added when preparing a Thanksgiving turkey will upset your cat’s stomach and can even cause pancreatitis. Plus, the excessive fat in turkey, ham, and other holiday meats isn’t good for them either.

2) Stuffing

Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of stuffing for some comfort in the cold weather? Your cat—that’s who! The onions, scallions, garlic, and chives that typically go into stuffing are seriously toxic for your furry friend. These spices in any form can damage your cat’s red blood cells and result in severe, life-threatening anemia.

3) Chocolate

After the table is cleared of turkey scraps and empty serving dishes, it’s usually the desserts that come out next. Be careful not to let your kitty steal a taste of any of these sweet treats—especially chocolate. The theobromine in chocolate is poisonous to cats and dogs, causing vomiting, diarrhea, and sometimes seizures. Even a small amount of chocolate can be fatal for your pet.

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