Keep Outdoor Cats Safe and Healthy With These Helpful Tips

Many cat owners like to let their cats to explore the great outdoors, especially those that live in rural areas. Giving your cat the opportunity to go outside is great way to make sure they get enough exercise and indulge their natural instincts. Outdoor cats tend to have more health and safety risks than indoor cats, though, so it’s important for their owners to take steps to protect them when they go outside. Today we’ll look at a few easy ways to keep your outdoor cat happy, healthy and out of harm’s way.

Microchip Your Cat

If you haven’t already, have your cat microchipped through a service like PetLink. These services make it easy for shelters to return pets to their owners should they ever get lost during their adventures. Make sure your cat wears a collar tagged with your contact info and their microchip ID number whenever they go outside.

Restrict Their Territory

Rather than letting your cat have the run of the neighborhood, consider keeping her on your property with a fence or screened-in patio. Cats are territorial animals anyway, so they typically won’t mind being limited to a relatively small outdoor area. This way, can rest easy knowing your pet is never too far from home.

Establish a Cat Curfew

At night, outdoor cats can be vulnerable to nocturnal predators like coyotes and owls. Instead of letting her stay out all night, get your cat in the habit of coming inside for dinner once the sun sets. It might take a little while for your cat to get used to this routine, but the promise of food is a great incentive for most cats.

Keep up With Vet Visits

Annual vet checkups are important for all pets, but they’re especially important for outdoor cats. That’s because outdoor cats tend to be more prone to upper respiratory infections, fleas, stomach worms and other parasites. Your vet can make sure your cat is up to date on all her medications, address any health concerns you might have, and check for the presence of common pests and parasites.