Red Flags to Look for When Choosing a Cat Boarding Facility

Although most pet owners are reluctant to leave their furbabies in the care of someone else, circumstances sometimes arise that require you to find boarding for your cat or dog. For cat owners, finding the right boarding solution can be particularly challenging since cats typically spend far less time outside of their home than dogs.

But if you’re headed out of town on an extended trip, a kennel may be your best option for ensuring your cat is safe, comfortable, and healthy in your absence. As you’re considering different facilities, look out for these red flags that indicate your kitty will be better off somewhere else!

Reluctant Employees

You should never board your cat in a kennel you haven’t seen. With that being said, the facilities you look at should be willing to give you a tour and address any concerns. If employees seem reluctant to show you around or unknowledgeable when you ask questions, they probably won’t take very good care of your cat.

Subpar Housing

As you’re touring cat kennels, look at the quality of their enclosures. Are there multiple levels for your cat to move around in? Windows for them to look out of? Comfortable bedding, basic necessities (food, water, litter), and toys? If the answer to any one of those questions is no, this is not a facility equipped to keep your cat happy and comfortable.


If you step into a boarding facility or through the door to the enclosures and are hit with a strong or foul smell, turn back around and walk right out. Anything more than a very faint odor in a cat kennel is a sign of poor ventilation and inadequate cleaning procedures, meaning your cat may be at risk for health problems during their stay.

Loose Requirements

A reputable kennel will require specific paperwork and information about you and your cat before they allow you to make a reservation. Not asking for vaccination documents, health papers, emergency phone numbers, etc. is a big red flag. If they’re lax with their requirements for boarding, they’ll be lax with the care of your cat too.

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