The Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Cats & Kittens: Part Two

Welcome to the second part of our guide to the most interesting facts you didn’t know about our four-legged feline friends—brought to you by My Cats Top Reviews.

We know you’ve been itching to learn more since our first post, so let’s dive right in to the rest of these unexpected truths about your favorite household pet!

6) Cats Can Eat Things You Can’t

Some people think that when meat in their refrigerator starts to go bad, it has to be thrown in the trash. While you should never give a cat raw or expired food, in most cases, a lot of these foods won’t actually hurt them—especially if they’re an outdoor cat.

Cats have better immune systems than we do and, contrary to some big “cat health nut” beliefs, they can handle a little bad meat being thrown their way. Most of the time, they can digest food that’s starting to spoil better than we can. If it’s too far gone, they simply won’t eat it. Just keep in mind that for foods like ground beef or other meat, it’s still a good idea to cook it first (even just in the microwave until it’s cooked to temp) rather than giving it to your cat raw.

7) Cats Can Heal Themselves When They Purr

According to scientific research, purring is more than just an expression of happiness for a cat. That’s why sometimes even when you aren’t even acknowledging them, they’ll purr.

Some experts believe that purring can help a cat heal their bodies, because the sound frequency at which they purr can help to repair bones and muscle. So if your cat got in a small skirmish with another feline, this may be why they spend a long time purring.

8) Cats Love Structure

Throwing a cat’s steady schedule out of whack can cause them a lot of stress. Some cats even start getting “sick” for no reason. For example, if someone or something new comes into their territory, they may start to act lethargic or even sick to their stomach. Talk about not liking change!

9) Cats Have Unique Noses

No really! A cat’s nose is much like that of a person’s fingerprint in that every one is different. They have small pores, just like our fingers have ridgelines, that make up their nose and give every cat a unique “nose print”. Maybe, instead of microchips, we need to set up an international cat nose database!

10) Cats Can be Southpaws

A lot of people don’t know that cats actually have a dominant side of their body just like humans. Most male cats have been scientifically proven to be right-brain dominant, so they use the left side of their body more often when pawing at things compared to females. If you’ve ever noticed that when your cat paws at you for some affection they tend to use one paw first, that’s their dominant one!

So, there you have it! A cat’s many quirks is just one reason why we can’t get enough of these furry lap pets and care about them as members of our own family.

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