Tips for Getting Your Cat to Sleep in Their Bed

If there’s one thing cats know how to do, it’s sleep. On average, a cat will snooze somewhere between 12-16 hours a day. Sounds like the life, doesn’t it?

Cat owners know that a sleepy feline will conk out anywhere they please. But some people prefer that their cat sleeps in their own space, whether it’s because they want to spoil them or keep them from hogging the bed at night. A cat bed is an excellent solution to offer your cat a comfortable, relaxing place to doze. The trick is convincing them to actually use their bed. Here are some tips to help you persuade them!

Start by choosing the right bed.

To help you choose a bed they’ll like, observe where and how your cat prefers to sleep. Do they stretch out? Then you’ll want a soft, spacious bed. Do they curl up into a little ball? A smaller, rounded bed might be more comfortable for them. Do you find them snoozing under the furniture? Consider a hooded bed to offer them that same privacy.

Then, put it in the right spot.

Once you’ve found the right cat bed, set it up in a location that your cat likes sleeping in. They may like basking in the sunlight, retreating to a quiet corner, or nodding off at the top of their cat tree. If you place their bed in the area where they already go to sleep, they will be much more likely to appreciate and use it. Just be sure it’s a spot away from noise or heavy foot traffic.

Make the bed appealing to your cat.

Your cat may be skeptical about their bed at first, so it will be helpful to try to lure them there until they start to love it. Cats like familiar scents, so it might be a good idea to put one of your old shirts or their favorite blanket or toy in the bed. You can also try bribing them with catnip or cat treats placed in or around the area. Be sure to give them lots of verbal praise and pets when they hang out or sleep in their designated sleeping spot.

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