What to Do If You Find a Stray Cat

Seeing a cat roaming the streets alone will send any animal lover into a panicked frenzy. It can be difficult to determine the right way to approach the situation and how to best get the animal out of harm’s way.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you come across a stray cat!

Approach with Caution

Before you take any steps to capture or otherwise handle a stray cat, you must ensure it’s safe. Approach the cat slowly and cautiously, using a soft, gentle voice. Put out your hand and let the cat come as close as they feel comfortable.

If the cat acts aggressively as you approach, don’t attempt to get any closer; you never want to put yourself at risk by trying to contain a stray cat who would rather not be captured! Instead, call your local animal control and give them a description of the cat, the location of where you found them, and any other identifying details.

Attempt to Contain Them

If the stray cat seems calm, friendly, and open to your approach, the next step is to try to contain them. Cats typically don’t like being held, so you need a safe space to contain the cat while assessing the situation. If you have a cat carrier, that is perfect; if not, you can temporarily put them in a box with air holes or your car (make sure the car has plenty of ventilation and isn’t overly hot).

If the cat seems reluctant, you can try luring them with a treat!

Look for ID Tags

Once the stray cat is contained, you’ll want to check to see if they have an ID tag. If a cat has a collar with an ID tag, look on the tag for the owner’s contact information, then give them a call and let them know you have their cat. You can also drive the cat to its home to reunite with its owner if there’s an address.

Take Them to an Animal Shelter

The shelter and humane society are equipped to deal with stray and feral cats. They’ll get them checked out by a vet and deal with any health issues and post their information on their website to make sure that, if an owner is looking for them, they have the opportunity to find and claim them. Depending on the cat, they may also be able to put them up for adoption and help them find their forever homes!

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