The Basics of Socializing Your Cat

As humans, we crave a sense of belonging, to be a part of a group and socialize. The same cannot be said about our furry feline friends. In the wild, cats don’t hunt in packs like dogs; they are solitary hunters. A cat’s instinct is to be left alone. So when we bring this naturally independent creature into our homes with screaming children and other pets, how do we ensure they get acclimated to their new environment?

Here are some basics on cat socialization to help your cat feel safe and happy in your home.

Domesticated vs. Socialized

First off, it is important to point out that not all domesticated cats are socialized. Like cats, other domesticated animals can become feral if they live away from people long enough. Domestication happens to a species over generations, while socialization differs with each individual.

Socialization is About Experience

Like humans, your cat gets their first taste of socializing when they are young. A kitten is much easier to handle and socialize with humans than an adult cat, but that doesn’t mean an adult cat cannot form strong bonds with others. So remember that if you are adopting an adult cat, you probably won’t know their socialization history. Give them time to acclimate to you if they aren’t quickly willing to jump into your lap for a snuggle. Some older cats might need time to build trust depending on their past experiences with humans.

Socializing With Other Cats

Cats learn by observation and imitation. They lead healthier and happier lives with another cat in the home with them. Since boredom is the root of many behavior issues in felines, adopting a companion reduces the risk of your cat developing destructive behaviors or becoming depressed or needy.

Quick Socialization Tips

The sooner you can start socializing your cat, the better. Cats can be trained; it’s just a matter of understanding their needs and wants.

To prepare your new cat for socialization, try these tips!

  • Start as soon as you bring them home
  • Keep play sessions short, so you don’t lose their attention
  • Invest in quality treats and toys
  • Gradually introduce common house noises to them, like phone rings and noisy appliances at lower volumes and farther distances, with lots of positive reinforcement
  • Provide them with a safe place to recuperate, like a quality cat tower

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