Why Do I Wake Up With My Cat on my Head?

This is something that a lot of cat owners deal with. One minute you’re sleeping and having an awesome dream about having superpowers, and then the next thing you know you feel your furry feline purring away on your forehead.

There are a number of reasons why your kitty might do this.

Sharing Scents

One of the most popular theories for this is that they are marking you. Whenever they lick, head-butt, or rub up against you they are sharing their scent with you. Your kitty adores you and this is their way of saying that you’re theirs. Luckily, this isn’t something you can smell.

The reasons it tends to be your face/neck/head is because most people sleep under the covers when they sleep, so they are covered. They prefer to share their perfume on your skin, where the smell will stay longer.

Warmer Temperatures

You may see kitties sprawling out in the sunlight when they nap. The fact is, cats like to be warm when they sleep, possibly more so than even other animals. Your face and your head happen to be soft things that get warm when you sleep. You’re providing your kitty with awesome sleeping conditions.


There is a good chance that if you pay attention, you will find your cat napping in the same handful of places every day. This happens because these are places that they feel safe and don’t have to worry about predators (we’re looking at you, Fido). Your kitty knows that curling up with you is a safe place to be and if something startles you, it will wake up the cat as well.


If you ever look at cats sleeping, there are a couple patterns that form. Dominant cats tend to prefer sleeping up higher, where they can keep an eye on everything. Sleeping on your head automatically gives the cat the highest spot on the bed. Submissive cats will sleep either at the foot of the bed or in their own bed.

Hair Products

One last theory for this odd behavior is simply the hair products we use. Most of them smell pretty nice, so the scent of the products may be what is attracting them to your head. Many who have kitties that perch on their head or face have reported that they will lick it too. Midnight snack, anyone?