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Why Do Cats Like to Be Up High?

Have you ever seen a cat jump and get comfortable on top of a tall bookcase? Have you ever dusted your furniture to find it covered in cat hair even when it’s over six feet high? There are good reasons for this, many of which are perfectly normal! Cats, in general, like to keep an… Read more »

The Basics of Socializing Your Cat

As humans, we crave a sense of belonging, to be a part of a group and socialize. The same cannot be said about our furry feline friends. In the wild, cats don’t hunt in packs like dogs; they are solitary hunters. A cat’s instinct is to be left alone. So when we bring this naturally… Read more »

How To Stop Your Cat from Climbing on Everything

Countertops, tables, cabinets, desks, entertainment centers—some cats will climb anything they can manage to get their paws on. While some cat owners don’t mind giving their felines free range for their climbing adventures, there are many that don’t love having their cat lurking on the counter as they’re making dinner or walking all over the… Read more »

How to Help an Anxious Cat Relax

Has your cat been meowing more than usual lately? Has she become aggressive towards other cats, pets and even people? Has she exhibited a change in her eating habits? If you’ve noticed any of these things, you could have an anxious cat on your hands. The good news is, there are a few simple steps… Read more »

An Explanation of Feline Headbutting Behavior

From paw kneading to slow blinking, cats exhibit a variety of curious social behaviors that can seem pretty mysterious to humans. One such behavior that is particularly common is headbutting, or “bunting.” You might notice your cat headbutting your legs when you get home from work, or headbutting another one of their feline friends before… Read more »

Cats May Not Be So Good at Catching Rats After All

In addition to being great companion pets, cats have long been held in high regard for their ability to control rodent populations as well. Many generations of farmers have relied on their cats’ natural hunting instincts to keep mice and other small pests out of their barns, for example. But as it turns out, cats… Read more »