Do Cats Really Land on Their Feet Every Time?

The mysteriously clever and agile nature of cats has inspired quite a few myths and superstitions about them that have been perpetuated by a fascinated society—cats have nine lives; all cats hate water; a black cat is bad luck; and cats always land on their feet.

Although some cats love to swim and black cats bring nothing but love and joy into your life, there is some truth to the old adage that cats will always land on their feet. Check out the interesting explanation behind this impressive trick!

Do cats always land on their feet?

Well, not always, but most of the time! Cats are born with an innate “righting reflex” that helps them correct their bodies as they fall and land on their feet. In fact, cats typically have fewer injuries if they fall from a greater height because they have more time to prepare for landing.

How do they do it?

Cats have several anatomical advantages that allow them to reorient themselves mid-fall and stick almost every landing. A vestibular apparatus in their ear acts as a compass, keeping a cat balanced even as they’re streamlining and always telling them which way is up.

Once a cat has established their direction, they will arch their back and position their legs underneath their body to brace for impact. A unique skeletal structure, featuring a 30-vertebrae spine and no collarbone, give cats the flexibility they need to pull this off mid-air!

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