4 Steps for Introducing a Second Cat to Your Resident Kitty

If there’s one thing most cat lovers can agree on, it’s that it’s hard to stop at just one. Getting your first cat used to a new one can be tricky though. So, in order to ensure your new cat and your resident cat develop a positive relationship, you’ll need to start them off on the right paw with a proper introduction.

Follow these steps below and your kitties will be snuggling in no time!

1) First, designate separate areas for each cat.

Two unfamiliar cats should always be introduced slowly, so they feel safe and secure and not territorial or aggressive. When you bring your new cat home, make sure they have a separate space from your resident cat with all their own essentials. Allow them to get used to their new environment in this safe space before adding the stress of another cat into the mix.

2) Next, start with an under-the-door introduction.

To ease your cats into their introduction, put them on opposite sides of a closed door. This gives them the opportunity to get used to each other’s scent and presence before they meet whiskers-to-whiskers. It can be helpful to feed your cats during these under-the-door sessions to create a positive association between them. Repeat these meetings several times a day until they no longer react to each other.

3) Then, move to controlled visual meetings.

After the under-the-door introductions have become less eventful, separate your cats with a barrier that allows them to see each other, such as a baby gate or screen or glass door. Continue promoting positive associations during these meetings by offering food, treats, toys, and pets while they’re in view of one another.

4) Finally, allow them to meet face-to-face under your supervision.

At this point, you can put your cats in the same room together, but make sure each has their own space. It’s okay if they hiss, growl, or swat a little, or even just ignore each other. It will take time for them to realize this furry stranger is a friend, not a threat. If they get aggressive, diffuse the situation with a distraction (loud noise, spray bottle, toy) and lead them apart. Repeat these supervised meetings until they no longer show signs of aggression.

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