9 Quirky Cat Behaviors Explained

cat behavior

Cats definitely have their own quirks- but all of their behaviors are done because they are trying to tell you something. Here are some examples:

  1. Rolling: Does your cat suddenly throw himself at you and then go into a roll or somersault? More often than not, when your cat does this, it means that they are looking for attention. Some cats can be a little selective in their affection, but this is a clear sign that they want to play!
  2. Bunting or Rubbing: You may notice that sometimes cats will run into their humans like battering rams with their heads or bodies. It’s a form of communication for cats. Cats have scent glands in different areas of the body and when they rub them on you, they are displaying affection and trust by showing themselves to you in a vulnerable way.
  3. The “Elevator Butt”: Why do cats lie close to the ground and stick their but up in the air? For females that have not been spayed or neutered, it can be taken as an, ahem, invitation. For some males, it helps them control the aim of their urination. Even still, for some others, it is just a friendly declaration of friendship.
  4. Butt Presentation: While it seems odd to humans that cats do this, in kitty language, cats will sniff each other in a way that says, “Hello, nice to meet you.” You kitty is simply offering you the chance to get to know him better.
  5. Covering their Feces: Many times when a kitty is burying their business in a litter box, it’s because it is so close to home for them. They also pick up on cues from their humans, who tend to react better when they cannot detect the owners.
  6. Covering up Food: If you find that they frequently do this with the same food, they may be telling you in a not-so-subtle way that they don’t like it! However, if this isn’t the case, cats will also do this to save themselves a snack for later.
  7. Odd patterns in Blinking: Cats use this as well as a form of communication. Going a while without blinking is meant to be intimidating, where as blinking at other cats or humans are meant to be seen as a friendly gesture.  If they are slowly blinking and opening their eyes back up, you can bet that they are trying to be friendly and show they are not feeling hostile.
  8. Paw Treading: When you see kitties pushing their paws into their humans, they are imitating what they did with their own mother, because that is what they did to help release milk. They could be giving you a real compliment and comparing you to their biological mother!
  9. Fascination with the Telephone: Some cats are jealous of the attention their humans give to those that they talk to on the phone. Also, cats have great ears so they can probably hear both ends of the conversation! The kitty may have also picked up on your habit of sitting down whenever you’re on the phone, so they may be looking for some extra petting time!