How to Increase Feline Visits to Your Veterinary Clinic

About 45.3 million U.S households own a cat, yet 39% of cat owners say they would only take their cat to the veterinarian if it were sick. People aren’t taking their feline friends in for regular examinations, which is a huge problem for your furry companion’s overall health and safety.

The most common reasons cat owners give as to why they don’t bring their pets to regular veterinary checkups is their cat gets extremely stressed and anxious in the vet office, or their cat appears normal and healthy, and they feel like there’s no need to bring them in.

Here are a few ways to increase feline visits to your veterinary clinic!

Inquire About the Client’s Cats

Many of your regular clients who bring their dogs into your clinic might also have a cat at home. People often do not understand the importance or realize that cats require regular checkups because they appear to be low-maintenance creatures. Inquire with all your clients if they have other animals at home and remind them that cats require ongoing wellness care to stay healthy and routine vaccinations.

Adjust the Waiting Area

The most stressful part of a cat’s vet visit is often the waiting area. With large and small dogs barking and roaming about, cats can feel very uncomfortable, scared, and on edge. Offering a feline-only waiting area or moving patients into exam rooms faster can help cats feel more at ease and less stressed about their appointment.

Prioritize Comfort and Reduce Stress

Along with adjusting the waiting area, ensure that you offer a comfortable place for the cats to sit or lay down that isn’t just a cold exam table. Having cat townhouses or towers inside the exam rooms or waiting areas can make your furry feline patients feel like they have a safe space and can gravely reduce the overall stress of the experience.

At The Cat’s Inn, we design safe and functional cat townhouses, towers, and condos for shelters, animal clinics, groomers, etc., to accommodate all your feline residents. We can customize our products in various sizes and colors to perfectly fit your specific business setting and even offer comfortable cat beds and pillows for extra support!

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