Why Do Cats Like to Be Up High?

Have you ever seen a cat jump and get comfortable on top of a tall bookcase? Have you ever dusted your furniture to find it covered in cat hair even when it’s over six feet high? There are good reasons for this, many of which are perfectly normal!

Cats, in general, like to keep an eye on their surroundings. This doesn’t mean your cat has anxiety; it just means they like to be watchful.

Here are a few reasons your cats enjoy lurking from great heights.

It’s Instinctual

A large part of this behavior stems from instincts and genetics. Cats are predators by nature, and predators can use height to spy on, track, and pounce on prey below them. Your cat doesn’t see you as prey per se, but it is inbred in a cat’s brain that getting up high and watching what goes on below is a survival tactic.

Keeps Them Warm

Some cats have thinner coats. Warm air rises, so they may search for warmer air to be comfortable. Cats love snuggling up, especially during the winter months, so seeking high places to sleep is an easy way for them to get cozy fast.

Gives Them Space

Most felines love to relish in their alone time. To avoid being disturbed, they seek refuge on top of refrigerators, bookcases, and anywhere else accessible. It’s also common for mother cats to seek high places to escape their kittens during weaning time temporarily.

They Are Flexible

Cats have a flexible musculoskeletal system, and it gives them a great amount of coordination ad balance. Their strong hind legs allow them to jump to high places. Because of this, you may see them climbing on your furniture, up trees, and even up your draperies!

The best thing you can do for your cat is to invest in a high shelter for them to retreat to. Whether you house several cats in your adoption facility, veterinary clinic, or home, your feline friends need to feel comfortable and secure in their environment, which is usually from a safe height.

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