Cat Got Your Tongue?

Cat TongueIf you have never been licked by cats then go to your nearest animal shelters and cuddle up with a pretty kitty. After you fall in love with them take them home and continue to play with them and love them until they one day lick you. Yes it is that big of a deal! Cat’s tongues do not have the smooth textures our tongues or other animal’s tongues have. They feel almost like sandpaper. The texture of a cats tongue serves many purposes and only a cat knows why. Well, until now. Continue reading to find out some interesting facts about cats tongues.

    1. Cat’s tongues are covered in papillae – these are backwards barbs and help your cat groom themselves and also pull meat off the bones of their prey. These can become problematic when grooming and are the main causes of hairballs. Anything that attaches to the barbs gets swallowed creating hair balls.
    2. Cats groom for survival – cats in the wild groom themselves clean after killing and eating prey. They use their powerful tongues to get all the blood off so other possible prey cannot smell it.
    3. Taste buds – Cats have fewer taste buds than a human and also don’t have a taste for sweets.
    4. Texture of food – cats may reject certain textures of food because they do not like the way it feels on their tongues.
    5. Water – cats do not use their tongue to cup the water; instead they drink quickly and use their bottom lip to catch the water.