Cat Myths Debunked

catsOur furry pals are family members and we adore them. Cats are especially singular in their behaviors, and still have a bit of the wild in them. A lot of people who have cats think they are unpredictable and inscrutable, and there are a lot of myths surrounding the house cat that just aren’t true. Here are a few of them, finally debunked.

Cats do not have 9 lives

A cat, like any animal has but 1 life, and that life is very precious. So regular vet visits are a must. Do not reserve taking your cat to the vet only for when it is sick. An annual checkup – just like humans have – should be routine. You want your cat to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Cats do not wag their tails when they are happy

It’s quite the contrary actually. When a cat flicks its tail it is usually upset, irritated, or thinking. Cats are pretty complex creatures and it would be a good idea to do a bit of research into their specific behaviors and what they mean. Learning to read your cat’s body language will help you communicate better with him.

People food is not good for cats

Cats need to eat a nutritious cat food that is balanced just for cats. People food will only add empty calories to his diet and you don’t want an overweight cat.

Cats DO need exercise

Cats are like any animal, including us: They need exercise to stay at an appropriate weight for their age. Playing with your cat is a great way to exercise him, and giving him toys that are interactive are also good. Cats are also very intelligent and play is the perfect way to give him both physical and mental activity.

Milk is not good for cats

The picture of a cat lapping up a dish of milk is so common, but really, cats should not have milk. They need hydration and should get that from their wet food and a water bowl, but milk is just extra fat that they don’t need.

Pregnant women do not need to avoid their cat

It is not the cat that is a danger to an unborn fetus. It is the feces in the litter box. If you are pregnant and live with a cat, you can still have him purring on your lap. The culprit, toxoplasmosis, is carried in feces and litter. Just get someone else to clean out the litter.

You should brush your cat’s teeth

Your cat is entitled to good oral health, and it is important to remember that many more serious systemic diseases can be caused by bad oral health. So get your cat used to having his teeth brushed regularly starting from kitten hood. It will keep gum disease at bay, and ensure better overall health.

Cats like to eat grass

Cats will occasionally eat grass and that is fine. But if it becomes an everyday thing, take him to the vet. It might indicate something more serious.

Garlic does not kill worms

Garlic might taste good, but, in fact, it can cause anemia in cats. Avoid it.

Cats may be a little more complicated than other animals, but with a little knowledge, you can keep your cat at a good weight, full of play and love, and healthy and happy. He is another member of your family, and if you treat him that way, you will have him around for a long time.