Helpful Tips for Shelters to Keep Cats Happy and Healthy

While animal shelters are life-saving resources for cats on the street or who have suddenly lost their home, making the adjustment can be stressful for our feline friends. As the owner or manager of a cat shelter, your job is not only to find your kitties a good home, but to also ensure their time in the shelter is as positive as possible.

Use these tips to keep your shelter cats happy and healthy until they find their furever family!

Invest in quality cat housing.

Cats do best in environments that block out excessive noise and give them space to move around freely. Although cages are not ideal, they are often necessary for shelters to house multiple cats. Make sure you opt for cat housing with good insulation and ventilation, multiple levels or spacious areas for them to explore, and that offer them smaller places to hide and relax.

Keep cat kennels clean and comfortable.

It’s hard for anyone to feel at home in messy, unorganized conditions—even cats! Clean and sanitize cat shelters on a regular schedule, so the cats get used to the routine and learn to remain calm when being moved. You should also set up designated areas in the cage where they can sleep, play, eat, and use the bathroom. Don’t forget to provide soft, padded bedding to promote good sleep.

Socialize cats and give them regular attention.

Like most animals, cats need interaction and stimulation to help manage stress and keep them happy. Make time—or if you can’t, hire volunteers—to play with, groom, and handle the cats, giving them plenty of affection and opportunity to burn some energy. If possible, you should also consider group housing that will allow the cats to entertain and comfort one another even when they’re in their cages.

At The Cat’s Inn, our mission is to provide healthy, convenient, and humane housing for cats in shelters, boarding facilities, clinics, and homes everywhere. Our cat townhouses and shelter towers are durable, easy to maintain, and comfy for kitty.

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