Is Wet Cat Food Better than Dry?

When it comes to cat food, there are so many options. Loving cat owners can choose from what’s available in the market or what’s recommended by the vet. There’s a lot more freedom in choosing the food you’d like to give to your cat.

Cat owners have two food options to choose from — between wet and dry cat food. If you’ve been hung up on making a choice, know that both are truly excellent choices. You will only need to make sure that your cat has a balanced diet in its life. However, some cat owners need to know more about the two types, most especially wet cat food. So, we cover a comparison between the two! 

Here’s what we know. 

What is Wet Cat Food?

You’re probably familiar with the wet cat food placed in cans. Wet cat food has at least 50 percent more moisture content. It is also complete and balanced in texture and nutrients, playing an essential part of any cat’s diet.

What makes it different from dry cat food?

Wet cat food offers these benefits, including: 

  • Just the right texture and ingredients cats love
  • More variety in the diet
  • The moisture in the wet cat food helps increase total water intake

Wet cat food usually comes in cans. These are pre-measured portions that cats can consume. 

Even cats diagnosed with certain medical conditions may also benefit from wet cat food. 

Which is better: wet cat food or dry cat food?

Ultimately, your cat will be the one to decide whether it prefers dry or wet cat food, as both types have their benefits and disadvantages. Although, we still recommend feeding a combination of wet and dry as this helps the cat get plenty of moisture in her diet from wet cat food, and dental benefits from dry food. 

You need to consider that cats are neophiliacs, so they are excited to try out new things! Providing more options to stimulate their appetite keeps them happy since they can get bored eating the same food each day.

The upside of wet cat food

So the higher the moisture content in these products, the more it gives cats with gastrointestinal and urinary issues more water for retention. Wet cat food helps flush urinary debris easily, reducing its growth and combating dehydration with kidney issues. Wet cat food may be a good way to help your cat stay hydrated and keep a balanced diet. 

The downside of wet cat food 

There are disadvantages to canned, wet food. These generally cost more for its volume, and so any practical pet parent might prefer dry food, instead. 

Is it healthier than dry cat food?

Wet cat food is generally seen as a better option for cats with health complications since it’s easier to digest and it brings about the balance and nutrition cats need. So, it is easily perceived as healthier than dry cat food. 

The upside of dry cat food

Dry food is popular among many cat owners because of its affordability. Unlike wet canned cat food, dry food comes in large bags with a longer shelf life as opposed to wet cat food, making it more cost-effective.

There are fewer chances of bacterial growth with dry food, so you don’t have to worry about leaving that kibble out exposed. Dry kibble is crunchy enough to reduce the plaque and tartar buildup on cats’ teeth. 

However, it’ll be harder for older cats to chew on dry cat food.

The downside of dry cat food 

For cats with health conditions, this type of cat food might not bring the benefits your cat will need with the lack of water content it has in digesting. You can go for a consultation with your cat’s veterinarian to help you make a choice. 

Do cats need wet food every day?

Normally, cats can eat both dry or wet every day, but to keep their mealtimes more interesting, you may want to mix both types.

Cats without too many health issues or are still young enough to chew could opt for dry cat food every day. This can help remove the tar build up in their teeth. While other cats with health issues need food with moisture. 

Can you mix wet cat food and dry cat food?

Mixing wet and dry cat food is fine considering that both options are of high quality and will meet your pet’s nutritional and other health needs.

Quality wet and dry foods have been produced to provide your pet with all the nutrients it needs to thrive. If your cat suffers from a health problem, it may need a specific type of diet to live by. So, consulting a vet on whether to mix wet and dry cat food or not is a topic for discussion to be able to make the best choice for your furry friend!

This is a guest post by Mary at Feline Living.