How to Create a Happy Environment for Your Cat

Cats are very particular creatures. They can be rather fussy regarding their living conditions and are highly sensitive to change or lack of environmental enrichment. Failing to fulfill their instinctual needs can result in a stressed and anxious cat, which manifests in over-grooming, inappropriate elimination, aggression, isolation, and changes in eating habits. 

Here are a few ways to create a happy living environment for your feline friend so they can thrive and be comfortable in their space.

Add Another Litter Box

 A good rule of thumb is one litter box per cat, plus an additional box placed in different areas of the home. Litter-box hygiene is also important for a happy cat, so boxes should be scooped clean twice daily.

Invest in a Water Fountain

Many cats like to drink running water rather than from a bowl. Investing in a cat drinking fountain can encourage them to drink more water and stay hydrated. It is also important not to place your cat’s water source right by their food. Cats prefer to drink in a separate area from where they eat.

Try Food Puzzles

Instinctually, cats want to hunt for their food. Walking up to a consistently full bowl of food is boring to a cat and can lead to obesity and behavioral issues. Try putting several small meals into food puzzles to ensure your cat burns mental and physical energy while getting their daily calories. 

Have Several Cat Beds

Cats love to sleep. No matter how many cats you have, make sure you keep a variety of cat beds around your home so they can stay cozy and comfortable in any room.  

Display Multiple Cat Towers

 Cats need perching options throughout the house that offer vantage points and resting areas away from people and other pets. They crave security and become stressed if this crucial need is not met.

The handcrafted townhouses and custom cat beds we provide at The Cat’s Inn offer a safe and happy environment for cats in veterinary offices, boarding facilities, shelters, and family homes. Our feline friends deserve to feel comfortable in their space.

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