How to Name Your Cat

When choosing the perfect name for your furry friend, the options can feel overwhelming and endless. It’s important to narrow down your choices by considering the many factors that go into naming a pet. You want to pick something that all family members agree on and won’t require extensive explanations when you refer to your cat in front of others.

Here are a few things you should consider when picking the perfect name for your new furry family member!


The outward appearance of your cat is always a safe place to start for name inspiration. Cheeto or Sunny could be good name options if you have an orange cat. Perhaps you have a calico cat; then the name Patches would make a lot of sense. If your cat is black, Ebony, Midnight, or Onyx are perfect choices. If you find yourself drawing a blank on names, using their outward appearance as inspiration is a great way to bring their unique characteristics to life.


If your cat’s appearance is not sparking the creative juices, look at their personality. If your cat is abnormally friendly or shy, those traits may be something to keep in mind. Particular cat breeds are more intelligent than others, and a name like Brainy or Einstein might be a good fit for a smart feline. By waiting until the cat arrives to name them, you’ll have a chance to see how they act, which may inspire the perfect name choice. If they are a small cat with a feisty personality, maybe go for something like Bruiser. If they are a big clown, maybe Goofy describes them the best.

Consider Other Household Names

Try not to pick something that sounds too similar to anyone else living in the house, two or four-legged. If you have a dog named Joe, then picking the name Mo for your cat could cause confusion when you are trying to get the attention of just one of them.

There is a lot to do and prepare when bringing home a new kitten or getting a new cat added to your shelter. You need to make sure you have the proper food, pick out a perfect name, and have adequate housing and shelter for them. Our customizable cat townhouses at The Cat’s Inn offer plenty of space to climb and spots to rest for your new feline friend. Our mission is to make cats more comfortable in their space which is why we also offer handmade cat beds and pillows. 

If you are adding a new furry member to your family or animal shelter, call (877)228-7466 to learn more about what your cat needs to feel safe and at home in their new space.