How to Help Kitty Sleep at Night

kittyIf you have a kitty friend, you are no stranger to the nighttime wake up calls. You are laughing right now because you know what we mean.

Your cat jumps on you in the middle of the night like there was a killer chasing them up the stairs. Or you wake up to their paw in your face as if your nose were a toy. These happen to all cat owners at some point but if this happening more often than you would like, take a moment to read our tips and maybe adopt a few of these techniques to help you cat sleep better, and maybe even yourself.


  1. Milk- Do not give them human milk. Before bed, give them cat’s milk to help them have a full belly. This will help keep the calm as well. You can also feed them warmed up food right before bed.
  2. Attention- all they really want is your love and attention. Before going to sleep make sure you pet them and let them know they are loved.
  3. Hygiene- Make sure you cat is clean and in good health. Not only will this ensure you have a clean bedroom as well but they will not be distracted by any sort of bugs or dirt in the middle of the night
  4. Set a Schedule- If you are on a schedule your cat is likely to follow that schedule too. And keep the same routine when going to bed. They will learn that this is time for sleeping and not playing.
  5. Food and Water- Even if you feed them before bed time make sure they have food and water. These are usually the two reasons your cat will wake you up.