How To Stop Your Cat from Climbing on Everything

Countertops, tables, cabinets, desks, entertainment centers—some cats will climb anything they can manage to get their paws on. While some cat owners don’t mind giving their felines free range for their climbing adventures, there are many that don’t love having their cat lurking on the counter as they’re making dinner or walking all over the paperwork on their desk.

Cats naturally love having the high ground, so it can be tough to get them to break their climbing habit. Fortunately, there are a few different things you can do to help control their instinct!

Try surface or noise deterrents.

There are a few easy deterrents that you can use to keep your cat from climbing in certain places. These are safe to use and will not harm your cat in any way. They simply help to create a negative association with whatever it is your cat prefers to climb on. Here are a few of the most common ones that tend to have good results:

  • Double-sided tape—cats hate the sticky feeling
  • Aluminum foil—they’ll hate the feel and the sound of this one
  • Loud noises—put some coins in an empty can and shake it when they climb somewhere they aren’t supposed to

Remove temptations from the climbing area.

Cats climb and explore mostly out of curiosity. If there’s nothing for them to discover in the high places you want to keep them away from, then they will be less interested in any further expeditions. The biggest temptation to eliminate is any food, including crumbs and even enticing smells. You should also remove any treats, catnip, toys, or objects you know your cat likes (twist ties, dirty socks, pens—hey, cats are weird sometimes) from the no-climbing zone.

Offer cats a climbing alternative.

The best way to keep cats from climbing in certain areas is to create a space where they can climb freely to distract and fulfill their desire. Invest in a tall cat tree or even cat shelves for the walls where they can jump and climb until their heart is content. Try to make this area as appealing as possible with a window view, toy attachments, treats hidden on top, and by giving them praise when you see them using it.

At The Cat’s Inn, we understand that cats need to be in a safe, comfortable environment where they can still indulge their natural instincts. That’s why when we designed our commercial cat shelter towers, we made sure cats would have plenty of room to climb, play, rest, and observe the world around them.

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