Why You Should Adopt A Shelter Cat

Cats make great pets for individuals, couples, and families of all sizes. They’re fairly low maintenance, fun to play with, and are excellent cuddle buddies (when they want to be, of course).

While the idea of bringing home a brand-new kitten may be appealing because they’re so cute and playful, adopting a shelter cat can be a fulfilling and less-demanding alternative. Here are just a few of the many reasons you should head to the shelter if you’re thinking about adding four more paws to the family!

Save more than one life when you adopt from a shelter.

Did you know that around 3.2 million cats enter U.S. shelters every year? Adopting a shelter kitty not only gives your new companion a second chance at life, but also opens up space for a new rescue to find a home. When you adopt from a shelter, you help combat cat overpopulation and resulting euthanizations.

You’ll be sure of your cat’s personality before you bring them home.

Most shelter cats are adults or have at least mostly grown out of their “kitten phase”. This means their temperament and personality will already be known, which will help you find the best fit for your home. You’ll also have the added reassurance of knowing they’re healthy, house trained, and have received good care.

Adopting a shelter cat saves you money.

Shelter adoption fees are much more affordable than the cost of buying a kitten from a breeder or for-profit organization. Adoption fees often also include discounts for—or even free—food, supplies, pet insurance, or a vet visit. Plus, most shelter cats have already been spayed, neutered, and vaccinated, saving you even more on healthcare expenses.

The team at The Cat’s Inn knows how much love, warmth, and happiness a shelter cat can bring into a home. That’s why we design high quality animal shelter towers with feline health and wellness and your convenience in mind.

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