These Pet-Friendly Houseplants Are Perfect for Cat Owners

These Pet-Friendly Houseplants Are Perfect for Cat OwnersHouse plants may seem like harmless home décor options, but did you know some plants can be toxic to cats? Thankfully, there are many pet-friendly options that you and your cat will be sure to love!

Spider plants

Spider plants are great low-maintenance options that fare well in most lighting and temperature conditions. They are perfect on tables, desks, and even in hanging baskets.


There are a number of varieties of palm plants are easy to grow and maintain. A few popular varieties include areca and bamboo palms. Areca palms can grow to around six feet high and function as an indoor tree. Because the soil needs to completely dry between waterings, they usually only need to be watered about once a week. Bamboo palms have the potential to grow even taller – a whopping ten to twelve feet – and they are also air-purifying plants.

African violet

If you’re looking for an indoor plant with a pop of color, consider the African violet. They will continue to bloom throughout the year if you keep them in a warm location where they get plenty of sun exposure.

Christmas cactus

For a holiday-themed option to brighten up the dreary winter days, a Christmas cactus is the perfect choice! They will flower right around Christmas time with beautiful red or pink-colored flowers.

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