Unraveling The Mystery of Your Cat’s “Slow Blink”

Unraveling The Mystery of Your Cat’s “Slow Blink” Have you ever noticed that special, contemplative way your cat seems to blink her eyes sometimes? It may seem like she’s thinking about something curious, or plotting their next dash to the window to watch the birds in the backyard—but the real reason for the blink might surprise you.

In fact, a cat’s slow blink is typically a sign of affection. You may notice a relaxed, trance-like look on your cat’s face after you spend a few minutes petting or playing with her. This is an indication of her comfort with you.

Cats express a lot with their eyes. The slow blink can also let other nearby cats known that there’s nothing to worry about. When a cat makes prolonged eye contact, either with a human or another cat, it’s a sign of aggression which can cause nervous tension to build in your kitty. The slow blink means that your cat feels safe letting her guard down, either around her human friends or other cats.

It’s not exactly a familiar human behavior, but it makes sense! Think about it this way: a cat’s vision is important for survival in the wild (though not so much in your living room). If you notice that a cat has her eyes closed, it’s a sign of implicit trust. Your cat trusts you enough to close her eyes in your presence without feeling threatened.

Some animal behaviorists suggest that slow-blinking back at your kitty can help build and reinforce your bond with her. Starting a slow-blink conversation will open a non-verbal dialogue between the two of you, so that you can establish trust in your relationship. This can be particularly helpful with cats who tend to distrust humans, or cats who are new additions to the family.

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