4 Litter Box Rules for a Happy Kitty

Anybody who has ever owned a cat knows that they tend to be particular about their litter box. But who can really blame them? We all have standards and preferences when it comes to where and how we do our business.

The best litter box practices will ultimately depend on your individual cat (or cats). There are a few basic tips you can rely on though to set up the ideal litter box for your kitty!

1) Choose the right spot for the litter box.

Your cat’s optimal bathroom location is going to be similar to yours—somewhere private, yet accessible. Situate the litter box somewhere away from heavy traffic, like in the basement or the laundry room, and away from their food and water. Cats are instinctively wary of emptying out where they eat.

2) Be careful with hooded boxes.

While you may be partial to a covered litter box, they’re usually not appealing for cats. A hood can restrict your cat’s digging and movement, making them feel trapped. Especially if you have multiple cats, an open litter box is preferable so they can keep an eye out for sneaky siblings. If you know your cat prefers their privacy though, a large hooded litter box is okay.

3) Keep the litter box clean.

Obviously, an essential aspect of caring for your cat is to scoop their litter box regularly—ideally every or every other day. But it’s also important that you completely dump and wash it out once per month to eliminate lingering odors and keep it fresh for kitty. If your cat has been having accidents around the house, it could be because their litter box has not been cleaned thoroughly enough.

4) Use baking soda instead of scented litter.

Scented or perfumed litters can be overwhelming to your cat’s strong sense of smell, and even make them sick if they lick their paws after using the litter box. For the sake of your cat’s comfort and health, use unscented litter instead and baking soda to curb odors. You can leave a box of baking soda open around your cat’s litter spot, or even sprinkle a little bit inside when you scoop.

All of the cat townhouses we carry at The Cat’s Inn feature secluded litter box areas to offer cats a sense of privacy and keep them comfortable. Especially if you’re housing or boarding multiple cats, it’s important that each one has their own space, so they remain happy and healthy.

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