3 Signs Your Cat Needs a Feline Companion

If you already have one cat and love having them around, you might consider adding a second cat to your home, but this may not be the best idea in some cases. For example, mature cats that have spent their lives as the only cat in a house won’t always respond well to new cats entering their space. However, some cats might appreciate having a new feline companion around.

 Here are three signs that your cat could benefit from another feline companion!

1) They Are Very Clingy

Does your cat follow your every move? If so, it could be a clear sign that they need more social interaction. If you have more time to devote to your cat, that’s great; otherwise, a second cat can provide your cat with the social interaction it needs to live a content and happy life!

2) They Aren’t Grooming Themselves Properly

If your cat is looking a little disheveled these days, it could be because they’re suffering from loneliness. Medical issues can also cause changes in grooming behavior, so it’s always a good idea to take your cat to a veterinarian first. Still, if your cat is in good health and can’t muster up the motivation to groom themselves, it could be because they need a companion.

3) They Are Exhibiting Destructive Behavior

Are you tired of coming home to find claw marks in your furniture upholstery? Your cat could be exhibiting this destructive behavior because they are bored during the day when you’re not around. Having another cat in the house can help to alleviate this boredom and offer healthy alternatives to destroying your furniture and belongings.

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