How to Choose the Perfect Shelter Cat

Deciding to bring a new furry friend into your life is an exciting and special time. A house truly doesn’t feel like home without a pet’s loving and comforting presence. 

When searching for your dream feline companion, it’s important to check with your local animal shelter first. Adopting shelter animals has so many benefits, not only for you but for your community! Many perfectly worthy rescue pets are waiting for and deserving of their forever homes.

Here are a few ways to ensure you choose the perfect shelter cat for you and your family!

Evaluate Your Living Situation

Before adopting a cat, you must evaluate your living situation and the environment you plan on coexisting with them in. Do you live with other people? Are there other pets in the house? Do you stay home most of the time? Is there easy access to the outdoors?

Take time to ask yourself some of these questions to know what kind of cat would thrive in your living space. An older shelter cat that has been through some trauma may not be comfortable in a home with small children running about and a family dog invading their personal space. Ensure your living situation is a good match for your new adoptee.

Spend Time at the Shelter

It is crucial to spend a decent amount of time getting to know your potential new furry housemates before taking them home. Rushing the adoption process can lead to animals leaving with people not fit to meet their needs, cycling them through the shelter, which can emotionally strain them.

Spend some one-on-one time with the cats you feel a connection with. Many shelters have private rooms where you can spend some alone time together; some may even let you take the cat home for a weekend as a trial run!

Consider Older Cats

Animal shelters usually have many cats that are at least a few years old. People often want kittens because they are cute, and you can train them from a young age, but older cats can acclimate quickly to your environment and can be just as loving and adorable. Please don’t pass by all the older cats at the shelter without giving them a chance. They need people like you to give them the forever home they desperately desire. 

If your shelter needs comfortable housing for your feline guests waiting to be adopted, The Cat’s Inn has you covered! 

Animal shelters operate in a fast-paced, often crowded environment that can be stressful for cats. As responsible cat caretakers, you must invest in commercial cat housing that can meet the demands of your unique setting. Our animal shelter enclosures are available in two different customizable models that provide cats plenty of room to lounge and play while suiting your commercial space’s functional and aesthetic needs.

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