Why Won’t My Cat Use Her Litter Box?

Why Won’t My Cat Use Her Litter Box?Have you noticed that your cat doesn’t seem to want to use her litter box anymore? There are a number of reasons why this might happen. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common reasons cats suddenly refuse to use their litter box.

The litter box isn’t clean.

Cats are known for being very fastidious creatures. In fact, self-cleaning is an important part of a cat’s daily schedule. If you notice that your steering clear of her litter box, it could be because it needs to be emptied and cleaned. By dumping the existing litter, cleaning the box with soap and water and adding fresh litter, you can encourage your cat to start using the litter box again.

It isn’t located in the right place.

Is there something near your cat’s litter box that might be scaring it? Did you recently move the litter box from one location to another? The placement of your litter box is important, and could ultimately affect whether or not your cat feels comfortable using it. Try to keep the litter box in a quiet place that doesn’t get heavy foot traffic where your cat will feel comfortable and secure.

It has a new brand of litter.

Some cats can be very particular about the type of litter they like to use. If you’ve changed litter brands recently, this could be the root cause of the issue. Consider switching back to your old brand, or finding a similar alternative at your local pet store.

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